About Everest

Everest, the tallest mountain in the world; so why do we call ourselves Everest? We believe cooking is like climbing; every stage of achievement like a camp on the way up to the top. We want to be the best at what we do, and one day we will reach the summit of Everest.

At Everest we pride ourselves on taking the freshest local produce from around the Wairarapa and turning it into the best pioneering cuisine available.

"Everest is overcoming of odds to achieve a dream".

It takes us two days to make our own stocks with the bright yellow yolks of the local free range eggs on toast,
you can taste our dream.

Kevin Li

From and To

From her little seaside settlement to his big, modern city of Shanghai.
From her big traditional Chinese family with many uncles, aunties and cousins to his very small family with no relatives.

From her coming to NZ for a break and ending up with 2 degrees and 3 majors at Victoria university to him following his dream and working as a chief for 10 years.

From her strong willed, out going personality to his quiet, sensible perfection.

From a Banker to a Barista.
From a fast pace Wellington top restaurant kitchen to a small countryside town cafe that's mad about the food!

From learning to speak a new language to getting married and settling down.

From China to New Zealand.
From Wellington to Featherston.
From down the road to here.

From us to you. Thank you.

Lesley He

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