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Coconut Panna Cotta,Banana,Strawberry, Goji Berry Granola, Lemon Balm,Blueberry Dust (VG)(GF)

Soft Boiled Eggs Rye,Pickles, Kransky, Polenta Chips, Avocado Cream, Hummus (GF*)

Waffle w Cranberry Poached Apple, Caramel Marscarpone,Puffed Qunioa,Flaked Almond (V)

Big Brekkie, Bacon,Zany Zeus Haloumi Cheese Kransky,Mushroom,Tomato,Croqutte,Eggs (V*)

Smashed Avo,Pickled Red Onion,Beetroot Relish, Feta,Chickpea Sprouts,Sesame Seed on Sourdough (V)

Potato Rosti w Smoked Salmon,Asaparagus,Fennel Orange Salad,Poached Eggs and Hollandaise (GF)

Eggs Bene w Maple Glazed Ham, Cider Hollandaise, Pickled Radish,Water Cress (GF*)

Free Range Eggs your way on Sourdough (Extra $2 for Scrambled) (GF*)


Nourishing Soup of the day (GF*)

Beer Battered Fish n Chips w Mashed Peas, House Tartare

Flank Steak w Silverbeet Olive Salsa Verde, Cherry Tomato,Parmesan Crusted Potato (GF)

Grilled Beef Salad w Cucumber, Mung Beans, Peanuts,Fried Shallots,Coriandes (DF)

House Beef Burger w Kimichi, Hoisin,Cheddar, Cucumber, Spring Onions,Pickled Ginger Bernaise, Fries

 (V) Vegetarian    (VG) Vegan   (DF) Dairy Free  (GF) Gluten Free   (V*) Vegetarian Potential   (GF*) Gluten Free Potential


Green Salad


Mash and Gravy

Slow Roasted Tomato

Potato Rosti

Roasted  Mushroom

Fries w Aioli or Tomato Sauce



 (V) Vegetarian (Vv*) Vegan Potential (GF) Gluten Free (GF*) Gluten Free Potential

Dear customers, please don't alter our carefully crafted menu. It will create havoc in the kitchen!
But please tell our friendly staff your special dietary requirements, we won't know until you tell us!!

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